3D floor and its features

About the properties of bulk floors

The main difference between bulk floors and other types of coatings is that they are made of polymer materials and have no seams. In addition, they still have a number of characteristics that are not characteristic of other types of coatings. And first of all it is:

1. A significant period of application.

2. Excellent strength.

3. Resistance to bearing.

4.. Aesthetic.

5. Wip out little.

6. Racks to the effects of water and fire.

Also, the polymer floors are not slippery, aggressive chemicals and ultraviolets do not change their initial properties, the materials of these sexes do not form a third -party electrostatic field. In order for them to become clean again, it is enough to wash them. If the polymer gender is correctly flooded, it is characterized by all these features for many decades.

3D floor and methodology of its manufacture

A three-layer coating can be called a bulk 3D floor, the lowest of which is a base layer, the second is decorative and upper, the latter is a transparent. Due to the fact that these floors have several layers, their manufacture takes time and at the same time we need a certain level of skill among their manufacturers. In this regard, they differ in cost from alternative flooring for floor – it is at least 5,000 rubles (sq. m).

Preparation of the concrete foundation of the floor is one of the most important points in the manufacture of polymer coating. It is performed at the beginning of all the work, before flooding the first polymer layer. First, using a vacuum cleaner, the existing dust is removed from the concrete, and then a primer layer is applied. To increase adhesion of the base from concrete to the soil for the upper part, quartz sand is added. This is the most crucial moment in the methodology of pouring the polymer layer, because if everything is not done at this stage in this stage, as a result, bubbles may appear on the finished floor or it will be removed.

Having completed the preparatory work, a polymer base is applied to the processed base from concrete with a layer of 1.5 to 3 millimeters, which, after drying, is covered with special varnish.

After this follows the stage of laying a decorative sheet of 3D images, which is performed using the latest computer technologies. In addition to the image itself, various design elements can be laid in this layer, such as elements of chains and shells, keys, coins, fragments … And then the final designer drawing is covered with a final layer of transparent polymer coating. If the room has good ventilation, then in a week the floor will completely harden – it can be used.

In conclusion, already having an idea of ​​the bulk 3D floors, it should be noted that, despite the difficulties in their manufacture, the result always pleases the eye and transforms the rooms. Based on their properties, in these floors, aesthetic beauty and convenience, reliability during use are invariably combined.