Layout of the piece parquet

Before work, it is necessary to draw up a plan for laying a parquet floor for all rooms. In addition, the breakdown of the floor covering rows should be made.

A snake from the strips is placed on the prepared basis, in which each of the planks must correspond to the parquet number.

The snake should be located across the room so that the direction of sunlight is perpendicular to it. It should also be remembered that from the wall to the last bar must be laid not 10-15mm. The size of the planks should be selected so that the integer number of the rows is laid in the room, and the number of planks in the snake is multiple of the two.

Start laying with the so -called lighthouse “Christmas tree”, which is called the first two rows. You can place it either along the axis of the room, or observing the parallel with a long wall, here the choice is only yours. But for the correct placement of our “Christmas tree” in a place that seemed to you the most convenient, you need to stretch out the cord through the entire room, and then fix it with nails at a distance from the base that would be equal to the thickness of the bar. For convenient laying of the “Christmas tree”, the cord must be pulled along the length of the joint of the pairs of strips laid down by the snake, so that there is only the left row of the strips under them, while the right only touches the cord a bit.

In addition, for a more durable fixing of your lighthouse “Christmas tree” it should be laid on hot mastic, in view of its faster cooling. The first two strips must be laid on the corner and fixed with something heavy from above.

The laying of the lighthouse “Christmas trees” can begin both the walls and from the center of the room. Make sure that your “Christmas tree” confidently holds on to the nozzle of new planks. The nozzle should be carried out carefully, for which you should make smooth blows with a hammer on the sides of the bar. If the “Christmas tree” is located on one wall, then the parquet should be placed between it and the wall, and only after that it is already starting to lay the main parquet planks. Well, in the case of the location of the “Christmas tree” in the center of the room, the rest of the ranks should be put in turn: either one or the other side of the “Christmas tree”.

Is the apartment repair possible with your own hands, high -quality and not protracted? It is quite possible if you save the right amount in advance, purchase the required amount of materials and carefully study each process that will have to be engaged in during the repair.