Ideas for your basement.

Ideas for your basement.

As soon as you decide that you will have a basement, you immediately need to decide what you want to see there. Ideas must first be realized on paper to realize whether everything suits you. But what exactly can you use this additional place for, we will tell you.

A room for multimedia.

Modern homemade centers of multimedia are no longer like those that were before. You do not need heavy and founding TVs, piles of wires, separate video player, audio player, computer, etc. D. All these functions will perform one or two devices.

But at the same time, a huge liquid crystalline screen and sound power will make you feel like lilliput. And it’s worth it! Once again to survive the whole spectrum of sensation from the waves of the tsunami or adrenaline from the pursuit of criminals approaching you. Everything is like in the cinema.

And if there are lovers of video games in the house, then this room is generally indispensable. Now you can play golf even with real clubs, and in tennis – rackets!

The biggest plus of such a room in the basement is noise localization. If you are not sure of the capabilities of the basement, pave the additional sound insulation on the ceiling. Believe me, this will do other family members who are not involved in a film examination or tennis tournament much happier.

Game room.

This option with a ping-pong table or pool will also become much quieter in the basement. Creating a similar room, you will save yourself from the kids worn throughout the house. Your children with their friends will finally find a place for themselves, where they will have everything they need. Plus, many parents try to protect their children from TV and video game if possible. Make them your space where they can play, run, rage and just do their business. You can even lay a special thick gasket on the floor so that the kids are soft and warm.


It is very important to have your own office at home in our time. With the advent and distribution of the Internet, it became real to work without leaving at home. The only thing a person needs is a calm place. If a separate entrance leads to the basement, then you can have a completely independent area, including even a reception room. Many professionals now use the “basement”, such as hairdressers, masseurs, etc. D. The main thing is that the entrance looks presentable, and the interior is well illuminated – with the help of large windows or bright electric lighting.


Very often we do not have the time and the opportunity to visit the gym. Then the gym at home is the best way out. Here you can equip everything you need, including water, electricity and heat. And the simulators can be bought gradually, starting with the simplest – everyone probably has a rug, the Swedish wall can be purchased, or do it yourself. Further, the matter is for your imagination, needs and capabilities.


Even animals often put boxes in cells or throw papers and rags so that they make a mink or house for themselves. People also sometimes have a desire to escape from everything and all. In this case, the basement is a place that can be equipped for yourself. TV and sofa, table and cabinets with books, shelves with trophies, a carpentry machine and a place for tools. Just think about what you would like to do in peace so that no one interferes.


The most common option for using the basement is a pantry. You can store anything here – winter clothes, sports equipment, pickles, vegetables, tools and even unnecessary things like an old refrigerator and a broken bicycle.

Whatever you choose, believe me, that it is worth investing in the basement.


Whatever option for decorating the basement you choose, it will be difficult for you to bring it to life if this room is raw, cold and uncomfortable. Therefore, it is worthwhile to think about creating comfort in the basement during the construction of the house. To do this, first of all, you need to ensure that the builders correctly carry out the drainage of the foundation, which guarantees you the lack of water in the basement of the house, and then take care of the conduct of the pipes of the heating system.