Latest Construction

How to choose what to build from.

We will determine in advance for ourselves what the best house is.

How to cut ceramic tiles correctly

Ceramic tiles are cut with glass cutter. First, the line is marked

House heating methods – which heating is better to choose?

If you own a country house, one of the important issues is

A way to lay linoleum

In order to conduct linoleum laying on their own, it is not

The interior of the home office

Often “official” hours at the workplace, there are absolutely not enough to

Doors are important in the interior

Apartments doors are not only overlapping between different rooms, but also an

Home cabinet is necessary for workaholics

Often “official” hours at work, absolutely not enough to complete the set

Special equipment for rent

During the construction of high -rise buildings, a lot of special equipment


As a rule, people refresh their own housing, moving furniture items.

The specifics of the repair in the bathroom

The value of the bathroom in the dwelling of modern people cannot

Dismantling as the initial repair stage.

Apartments are in a special sequence. Repair starts with dismantling.

The fight against mold

Everyone knows that the value of housing largely depends on the location,