A way to lay linoleum

In order to conduct linoleum laying on their own, it is not necessary to own some special knowledge and skills. In many ways, it is precisely for the reason that this material is quite simply mounted, it has become very popular. But what is the technology of working with linoleum to get the best effect?

First of all, a room is being prepared for work. The preparation is that all the furniture, as far as possible, is carried out to other rooms. After that, skirting boards are removed and the old coating is removed. Next, you need to inspect the surface. Linoleum can be laid only for the condition that the surface is flat. At your leisure it will not be superfluous to find out how Cummins engine repair is carried out.

If this is not the case, the base is poured with a concrete screed. Sometimes linoleum has to be laid on an old parquet. This can be done, but only if there are no rotten boards and height changes on this coating. At first, linoleum sheets are simply spread on the floor and are left for a couple of days.

Then the excess sheets are cut along the edges. In small rooms, linoleum can simply be pressed to the floor with skirting boards. But in large rooms you have to completely glue its sheets. During the first few days after laying, you should not load the material too much.