And if you live not in the city?

To what extent we are all used to constantly living in the city … Without it, many do not think their lives. And this despite the fact that only the 1st, 5th century ago (a small period by the standards of history), people for the most part lived in the village. And now, when the city is considered a common occurrence, a lot of people prefer, on the contrary, to roll somewhere in the province, where there is much less dirt, less noise, smaller people, even. It turns out that the house in the village is considered a dream of very, many. And in this case, everything needs to be done correctly, because the house is a house, a place, at some time I want to come, it is only its own territory, its own space and, no matter how small it is, it does not need to share it with anyone. This is why to equip it should be with maximum comfort. It is believed that the real representative of the strong half of humanity must do three notorious things in his life. Of course, a house built entirely with your own hands is a sample. But what if there are no such experiments, nor the opportunity, nor time to do it? Our recommendation is such that it will be better to seek help from professionals. Moreover, to entrust them with both construction and work on creating a house design.