Black and white bedroom

The bedroom for most people is a secluded place. This room must no doubt be the most cozy and comfortable throughout the house. The choice of decoration of a sleep room is based not only on fashion trends, the main thing is coziness and the home atmosphere that has a rest.

In recent years, the design of the bedrooms based on the contrasts of tones has been considered relevant. There are many options: white-blue, black and yellow, purple-green, black and white. Let’s talk about the latest way of decorating the interior of the bedroom.

Decide on the main color

If black and white colors are used in the same amount, the style will certainly be designed, but we will lose some effect. Therefore, it is worth choosing a dominant color to your taste and then order repairs on the site .

However, if the room is poorly lit and has a modest size, the predominance of white color will look wins. The room will look cleaner and more. Black can emphasize the details. Here it is worth applying some knowledge, because having laid a snow -white carpet, you can reward yourself with problems with its constant cleaning, you should take into account such nuances.

In a spacious bedroom, it will be possible to take black as a basis and black, it will not become less from this, but this is already a matter of taste.

The case is in detail

Since there are quite a lot of textiles in the bedroom, you can “play” with the design using different bedding with a design. Black or white linen with small stripes or print of the opposite color will look great. If the whole room is made in a strict style without frills, you can focus on the bed with an expressive pattern on textiles. The main thing is not to overdo it, you should not choose curtains, upholstery and linen with a pattern, even if it is the same, it will destroy the unity of the composition.

A large black white photo over the bed or photos in the same framework of different sizes will also look advantageous, but the painting is likely not to do.

Excessively conservative and restrained monochrome can be slightly diluted with a color accent. A pair of colored plain pillows will not spoil the impression, but soon even refresh the room.

Remember that black and white do not exist in the only version. The brightness and contrast of flowers also have a place to be. Black can be muffled or deep as a night sky. White is cutting eyes or milk, pastel. If you make a mistake, then the selected details will carry a different emotional coloring and “break” the interior.

Black and white bedroom is a win-win option for any style and time. This design does not become obsolete and does not “blur” the eye, it always looks relevant and stylish.