Bright wall decoration of the house.

Rare varieties of wall decoration of the house.

In addition to the main types of walls of the house of the house listed in previous articles, there are some others that, although not excessively common due to their high cost or for some other reasons, but I have a lot of advantages. For example, the wooden decoration of the walls of the house is far from every owner of the premises, but at the same time, it is very environmentally friendly and extremely presentable. Wood processed in a certain way, perfectly protects the walls from cold and moisture.

Also, fabric panels are sometimes used to decorate the walls of the house, which are the frames covered with fabric. Such panels that can be closed with the entire wall, and only some part of it, are usually made to order.

The walls can be covered with finishing and decorative films that are smooth, embossed, glossy, matte, painted or plain. Such films are well washed, do not pass moisture, do not fade. With films that imitate wood or stone, you can finish some kind of interior items, doors, furniture.

Finish the walls and quite expensive cork coatings made of pressed cork. The cork is environmentally friendly, hypoallergenic, has a high degree of heat – and sound insulation, protects the walls from mold and condensate and looks excellent. Camping coatings can be combined with other finishing materials, the appearance of which is similar to natural materials.

Recently, liquid wallpapers and chips of walls have become more popular. Such materials do not require thoroughly smoothing the wall surface for their application – they perfectly hide all cracks. Liquid wallpaper and chips coatings are durable, elastic and have good warmth – and soundproof properties.

Exclusive version of the wall decoration of the house – their art painting. Today, there are quite affordable ways of artistic painting, with the help of which you can create real works of art. Wall painting not only adorns the interior, but is an excellent solution for decorating the space of rooms, making it as harmonious and very comfortable as possible.

The decoration of the walls of the house can be different. The main thing is that it meets all the operational requirements of the environment and its interior.