Choice of a Gazagolder

In the process of installing an autonomous gas supply system, you need to pay close attention to the choice of a gas tank. The gasolder is the reservoir where liquefied gas is stored, that is, in fact, the Gazagolder is the main element of the autonomous gas supply system. From the type of this container and its technical and operational indicators will depend on how reliable, durable and safe the gas supply system will be gas. It is impossible to do without a gas tank, so it is very important to technically competently approach the purchase of this element.

In order for the Gazagolder to serve without any problems for many years, it must be made of durable material (high -quality stainless steel is best suited for this purpose), covered with a layer of a special substance that protects the metal from corrosion. The better the fuel reservoir will be, the less often it will have to be served.

A very important criterion when choosing a gas tank is its volume. The volume of the tank for liquefied gas depends on the area of ​​the serviced building. For example, in private houses or cottages, it is believed that from 24 to 27 liters of liquefied gas is spent on heating of one square meter per year. In this case, you need not to forget that the gas will be spent not only for heating, but also for heating water, for cooking, etc. D. That is, the volume of the fuel tank should contain so much gas that it is enough for all systems. Moreover, you need not to forget about a certain reserve amount of gas, which should be in case of untimely supply.

The choice of a gas tank should be carried out on the basis of other parameters. For example, it is necessary to take into account the working pressure and length of the distribution network. Since the further efficiency of the operation of the autonomous gas supply system will depend on which gasolder will be chosen, it is extremely important to assign this mission to specialists, since it is extremely difficult to decide on all the characteristics of fuel tanks.

When concluding an agreement on the gasification of your home, you need to choose such a service provider that will not only help to determine the appropriate gas supply elements, that is, will give competent preliminary consultation on the selection of equipment, but will also be in the future (after installing gas equipment) to regularly refuel the system and control Her technical condition.

Autonomous gasification for a country house great convenience. In order to realize the idea of ​​gasification in life, you need to buy a gas tank in St. Petersburg. GAZGolder is a special spacious container for liquefied gas storage.