Choosing and installing windows PVC

Before installing plastic windows, you must carefully view all the important information regarding the choice of windows and control over their installation. The issue of choosing windows is very important precisely from the literacy of its solution will be envy of the whole effect of installing new plastic windows.

Before choosing the windows, Kyiv should understand that the installation of windows is not painting the wall or gluing of wallpaper that can be easily re -re -packed, windows are products that are installed for a very long time. Many manufacturers declare a guarantee for the normal service of the windows from 10 to 15 years, although, many will have a lot longer for them.

When choosing windows, you need to choose two -chamber double -glazed windows and not pay attention to their single -chamber colleagues, since they are not able to ensure normal thermal protection of the premises. In addition, you need to be interested in the thickness of the reinforcing metal profile, which should not be less than 1.5 mm. The metal profile provides sufficient rigidity and prevents the deformation of the window, as well as the appearance of drafts. After installing the window, it is necessary to check the fittings. It is very important that the sash easily close and open, and also so that the seal is tightly adjacent to the profile.

In addition, in the process of installing the window, it is necessary to check the evenness of the fixation of the profile before it is disconnected. To do this, use the building level. You still need to check the evenness of the windows of the windows on the same wall. After damping, you need to inspect all seams on the density. But before all this and even before dismantling old windows, it is important to check the new windows brought for any defects. And only after that allow them to install. In general, at the time of the installation of plastic windows, you can not leave to drink coffee or sit, somewhere nearby and “protect corn” since constant control is needed.