Choosing curtains for the living room

Due to the fact that the living room is the most important element of an apartment or house, its arrangement needs to be paid close attention. The logical completion of the interior of this room is the selection of curtains, which, as you know, include two main tasks – restriction of access to blinding sunlight and decorating the window. Our article will help you to make a competent choice.

Initially, it is necessary to decide what exactly the drapery option for the best will be adopted by the best. It is worth noting that it should be in harmony as in the color scheme as much as possible and in texture with some items in the interior, for example, with the decoration of upholstered furniture. Romanesque, French, classic, Japanese, Italian, stained glass, London – this is only the minimum part of the types of curtains that are presented in the modern market.

For example, if your living room is designed in the Japanese style, then in this case the use of pompous curtains with tassels or lambrequins will not be extremely appropriate. Therefore, it is better to dwell on curtains, which outwardly resemble a screen or a flat panel in the form of rectangular paintings (plain or a thematic pattern).

Choosing a named element of the decor of the window, it is also required to determine the type of fabric: it is directly dependent on the general interior design. So, for example, expressive curtains from synthetic matters are suitable in the modern style, classic involves the use of natural fabrics (linen, cotton, etc.), the Indian style is characterized by more “heavy” materials of colorful and bright colors in combination with brilliant gilding.

Often the curtain is selected based on the texture or drawing of concomitant details in the design of the room. In this case, the texture or ornament can repeat the wall covering pattern or the head of the bed. During the search for curtains for the living room, it makes sense to pay special attention to the dimensions of the windows, as well as their number.

When decorating a small window size, it is relevant to choose curtains made of flying, translucent fabrics (veil, chiffon, organza, batist, etc. P.) that will not limit the flow of natural light. Decorating rather voluminous window openings, it is advisable to give their preference to curtains from dense materials with an abstract image or contrasting patterns.

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