Choosing glue for foam installation

The insulation of buildings with polystyrene sheets was widespread in the budget repair of facades. This type of thermal insulation is inexpensive and does not create a large load on the walls. Foam is used if it is necessary to warm light structures on weak foundations.

Foam fastening is carried out using special dowels, adhesive compositions or using a combination of fasteners. By the way, you know that now you can buy a house in Greenfield, the price for it is now much falling.

The use of standard adhesive composition involves a break in work for complete seizing the material. The sheets are attached with spacer dowels after 3 days after applying glue. Polyurethane glue and dry mixture for gluing foams allow reducing the technological break to 1 day.

Clutch with various surfaces of building materials is better in polyurethane adhesive compounds, which are realized in the finished form, bearing in cylinders. The advantage of a dry mixture for gluing foam is an affordable cost of the material.

Polyurethane glue is well suited for filling the joints between the sheets of foam. The material makes it possible to avoid the formation of a cold bridge, but the size of the seams should not be more than 2 mm. The advantage of packing glue through cylinders is the exclusion of the human factor in the preparation of the mixture.