Choosing high -quality home insulation

Recently, the weather has become too unpredictable, but one thing is known for sure -the air temperature in the winter is lowered below the –20 C ° mark, and heating does not always cope. Therefore, homeowners think about the insulation of the walls with an eco -friendly insulation, because in this way you can protect the walls from moisture penetration. It should be remembered that the type of insulation must be selected based on building materials, which was used to build a structure.

In fact, wooden houses are still considered the most popular and in demand among the population. To insulate such a building, you need to use the ribbons of “European”, since they are perfectly combined with logs and a massive timber.

These tapes are made by Finland enterprises. The insulation has excellent volume and elasticity, which is provided by a special technology that is used for their production. It is a thermal consolidation of layers. Thanks to the heater, “European” in the premises will always be clean air, as it passes the air and allows you to create a suitable microclimate throughout the entire service life. In fact, “European” was created more than 25 years ago, at those days when they just started to take care of the environmental friendliness of building materials.

Another type of insulation, which is often used by builders – intervention from jute. It also refers to environmentally friendly materials that does not pass the wind and does not create dust. But its main feature is resistance to moisture. In addition, it has high noise indicators – and sound insulation. Such material is a great solution in the issue of insulation of wooden walls.

Often, a tree is used to create a frame. However, it is then sheathed with sheet materials, and the formed gap between them is filled with a heater. The walls of the frame have poor moisture resistance, so a waterproof insulation that does not collect moisture simply necessary. You should also take care of installing vapor barrier.

Wall structures are best isolated by Rive-Line insulation. The advantages of this material include its homogeneous structure, which is similar to the structure of wood. Natural and high -quality insulation is especially important for wooden walls, because if it passes moisture and create condensate, then the wood will lose all its natural virtues in a few months and begin to rot.