Construction of modular buildings, modular buildings from sandwich panels

In many countries of the world, including in Russia, the construction of modular buildings has long been a magnificent alternative to capital housing construction, the construction of which requires not only time, but also serious financial injections. In the case of the mentioned buildings, everything is quite the opposite: they are mounted quickly, and they do not have to pay for them much. Therefore, when it is required to provide people with a room for work or living, then the best option cannot be found.

The construction of modular buildings is understood as the creation of full -fledged objects (industrial, retail or residential) based on special modules that can be mounted directly on the place. These factory elements are characterized by a number of advantages:

design reliability;

the possibility of operational dismantling with subsequent transportation;

affordable cost;

the possibility of selective replacement of elements (details) that failed.

Three execution options

Today, modular buildings from sandwich panels can be built in three ways:

The first – to the place of work is delivered by a set of profiles and materials (roofing and fasteners) for their subsequent assembly and installation of the building.

The second is the assembly of the partitions, as well as the walls are performed on the territory of the manufacturer (factory). And only after that, individual elements are transported to the installation site where they are assembled.

The third – all installation operations without exception are performed at the factory. Here, for example, steam – and hydraulic boars, basalt wool are installed, walls are lining (plates provided for by the project), the designs of the same name are mounted in the window openings. And already in the finished form, the product gets to the installation site.

It should also be noted that the construction of buildings of the described type includes the installation of a number of service systems. In compliance with the established safety rules, of course. The annual increase in demand for such buildings is explained by their attractive, in comparison with capital long -term construction, cost.

About the features of buildings

In the Russian Federation, for some time, the creation of modular buildings from sandwich panels has been practicing quite widely. The average temperature regime of most of the territory allows them to operate them without any restrictions. So, for example, buildings are able to withstand the temperature in the range -45 … +45 degrees Celsius. The metal profile used for external facing facilities copes with atmospheric precipitation perfectly.

The creation of each block is based on a metal frame. Thanks to this, it is subsequently possible to fasten the modules in the required order. In many ways, the characteristics of the frame determine the quadrature and number of storeys of the structure (the maximum number of floors – three).

High -quality factory processing of each element reliably protects them from the harmful effects of various stimuli, for example, moisture. As a result, corrosion processes are not terrible to the building.

The process of building an object takes from the 21st day to several months. It all depends on its complexity. The Contractor not only performs the installation of the building, but also ensures its launch into operation in full accordance with all existing standards.

The described structures are characterized by a high degree of reliability and can, if necessary, be dismantled with the aim of subsequent transportation to another place. Given the number of offers in the market of such designs, their advantages, as well as a democratic value, it can be assumed that modular construction in Russia will develop every year more and more intensively.