Construction of wooden houses

Small wooden houses in quiet areas, which are usually used in a more warm time for a relaxing vacation far from the city, were popular for a very, very long time. To date, with the development of new technologies, such houses become not only a place of short -term rest, but also a full -fledged year -old housing with comfort and comfort, which is not inferior to an ordinary house. As a rule, it is the tree that is most often selected for the construction of country houses, since it is simple, convenient, and most importantly, the most environmentally friendly material for construction.

In any wooden house, a person feels much better than in a stone building. If we take into account that, as a rule, people go to the cottage precisely in order to restore their strength and spiritual harmony, to get closer to nature, then the construction of country houses is very, very justified. However, before the country houses were not intended for living in the cold season, and it was possible to live in them in the period from late March to late autumn, when the first serious frosts began.

Country house

However, today such a country house looks completely different from how it was half a century ago. Such a modern country house, as a rule, is built taking into account all the communications that are present in a full -fledged house, so you can go to the country all year round, in any weather.

The most expensive but also beautiful type of country house is a house from a manual assembly log house. Each log used in such a log house is processed by the master manually. There are few disadvantages of this method of construction, but they are significant – this is a very high cost of final work and a fairly long process of the construction of the log house. But, on the other hand, a correctly set log house can serve even more than a hundred years.

Escalled log

Another material for the construction of a wooden house is a looped log. The wood for such construction is processed mechanically at the factory, but after the end of the construction, such a house looks very beautiful and neat. The disadvantages of this method of construction are also quite long lines of the construction itself, and even after its end, the house should “survive” for a few more months, and only after that it is allowed to start the interior decoration. Only after final finishing does the house become suitable for living.

Not so long ago, another, radically new technology for building and processing wood began to be introduced. It is suitable precisely for those who do not want to stretch the construction process for a very long time, as well as wait for its “exposure” and fear for a possible shrinkage of the house after the introduction. This technology is based on the use of exclusively high -quality material – glued beam.

It is made quite simply – boards are prepared from logs, which are thoroughly dried and then glued into a beam of high accuracy, using a certified adhesive of environmentally friendly materials. The only significant drawback of using such a technology in the construction of a wooden country house is the extremely high cost of wall material.