Cottage village Renaissance Park.

Cottage village Renaissance Park.

Cottage village of Renaissance Park is located on the 18th kilometer of the Novorizhskoye Shosse, the total area is 235 hectares. In just 15 minutes you can get to the dachas whose sections are in the pine forest. Fans of a quiet measured life here attracts a piece of pine forest with elegant landscape features.

A beautiful park zone with a small lake and fountains, charming flower beds of flowers was created in the village. The picturesque park is designed by professional designers. Cozy gazebos and pavilions harmoniously complement the Central Russian landscape.

The village is designed for a double power supply and the construction of the biological water purification station has already been completed. Modern cottages were erected, for the construction of which the best materials were used. Centralized communications, Moscow telephone and the Internet are also brought into the village.

The infrastructure is very well developed here. Residents visit recreational and entertainment facilities as part of the club system. Three kindergartens are functioning for kids, and schoolchildren can get education in 5 educational schools.

There are shops of such retail chains: “ABC of Taste”, “Crossroads”, “Scarlet Sails”, which provide residents with high -quality food products. Also in the village there are a travel agency, a bank branch, a pharmacy, dry cleaning, two beauty salons, a household services center, five restaurants, gym halls.

In the village, great attention is paid to security. Therefore, the territory is fenced with a reliable fence, which is under the constant control of a specialized service, and a patrol with service dogs works at night.

You can only get to the territory through checkpoints. Qualified specialists of the operation of the service of the garbage collection, cleaning of the territory, and also control the work of all systems of the village. Renaissance Park village retained its natural personality for true connoisseurs of the beautiful.