Cottages and country houses

To what extent we all got used to live in the city … Without it, a huge number of people do not think of their lives. And this despite the fact that a little more than 100 years ago (very small term by the standards of history) people mainly lived in the village. And now, when the city is considered an unremarkable phenomenon, many people have a desire, on the contrary, to ruin somewhere in a deaf place where smaller smogs, there are not so many noise, fewer people, in the end. So, the house in the village is a dream of very, very many. And in this case, it is very important to create everything correctly, because the house is a house, a place, in some ways I always want, it is only your territory, your space and, no matter what size is, it has no need to divide it with anyone. That’s why I want to equip it with the most comfortable. It is believed that the real representative of the strong half of humanity must do 3 well -known things in his life. Of course, the house, rebuilt entirely and completely with your own hands, is an ideal. But as a story, if there are no such experiments, nor the opportunity, nor time to do this? Our recommendation is such that it will be better to go to professional builders. Moreover, to entrust them with both the construction and work to create the situation of the cottage.