Creating a fence: what boards to choose for this?

Most of the owners of suburban cottages and cottages are trying to decide: which building materials are the best for arranging fences. Brick fence implies the presence of an impressive foundation, a labitsa mesh and a profiledist cannot be called beautiful and stylish solutions. Thus, only a tree remains. Do not forget that not all materials are durable. Natural wood is subject to decay.

Unsublished board. general information

One of the most common materials for the creation of fences is a non -incompetent board. Lumber of the second or fourth grade are characterized by an affordable cost, and their natural texture and non-standard cut-a guarantee of excellent aesthetics. To install such a fence, you will need only two or three cars with the material, which will cost customers relatively cheap.

The fence from such a board will require the own owner maximum energy. To use it, it is necessary to prepare a normal milling machine or an effective electrician. A distinctive feature of wooden fences from an unrefined board is the minimum level of mechanical processing of the material.

According to its own aesthetic and constructive indicators, the raw material goes well with suburban cottages. This material can be used as non -standard decor in megacities. The most important importance during the choice of board for creating a fence is its low cost and ease of installation.

Strict board

It is a building material of the first grade. Any side is perfectly polished. In comparison with unreasonable materials, such boards are processed on each of the 4 sides. As for the main advantages of this material, the following can be noted here:

Resistance to decay.


Unique texture.

Easy to install.

Unpretentiousness to transportation and saving conditions.

When buying a strict board, one should not forget that it is created from a tree of the highest quality, which determines its environmental purity and wear resistance. The processing of building materials with protective compounds is quite easy, since the surface is characterized by a homogeneous structure. The fence from such a board seems beautiful and neat.