Creating a protective concrete layer

To supply a concrete protective layer in the construction of pools, special latches are used. Cleets provide an uniform location of the reinforcement in concrete, protecting it from corrosion. Basically, the reinforcement is treated with special anti -corrosion types of compositions that ensure corrosion resistance. The use of electric welding in this case is simply unacceptable, because the smallest structure of the metal is violated, while the entire carbon is burned out, and during the period of use of the pool in these places there is corrosion.

The reinforced concrete type of pool usually consists of a steel -type reinforcement and concrete. Concrete itself has the most durable use. But the duration of its direct operation directly depends on the reinforcement of the steel type and the reserve coefficient, which was taken into account when building a pool. The calculation of the cross -section of the reinforcement is performed not only on the basis of the strength of the structure, but also with the calculation of every destruction, and the type of waterproofing of the pool itself. By the way, now they often buy spare parts for tape sawmills they are not very expensive.

The duration of the operation of such reinforcement is directly related to three main factors, one of which is deformation, electrochemical and chemical corrosion. On the surface layer of stereotypical hot -rolled reinforcement, there is a layer of scale of the iron, physical and chemical properties, which differ in the materials of the reinforcement. The fortress of its connection to the main metal is not too high, since under the influence of oxidation reactions, the thickness of the scale is much removed from the central metal.

Polymer, which is used in covering the reinforcement, provides additional protection against corrosion. In most cases, a paint is used in the form of a polymer; for maximum reliability, double staining is performed. When the reinforcement has a reliable multilayer anti -corrosion or waterproofing coating of special mastics, its duration of operation can significantly exceed the duration of the reinforcement with conventional staining.