Difficulties in repair

Few people know why it is necessary to competently start repair work, so as not to miss anything and complete everything by the planned deadlines.

First of all, you need to draw up a scheme of the necessary work. Draw a dwelling scheme, say the future location of furniture items with your family and draw everything on the plan. Do not forget to add window openings, doors, light sources to the plan.

First of all, you need to start “dirty” work. Such works include the dismantling of windows and doors, radiators, replacement of wiring, sockets, etc. D.

Only after that you need to start, in fact, to repair work. Gently align the walls, we will whitewash, cover with paint. Paul should be done last. After leveling the walls, you can build slopes on the windows, make interior doors.

Now that the walls are already even and doors in place, you can go to the wallpaper. Surely, you have already found suitable wallpaper, and glue for them with the help of a construction supermarket specialists. Then it’s time to make suspended ceilings if they are in the scheme of your repair.

And only after that, when the main works are finished, the home is clean, you need to lay the floor. Based on what the floors in the room will be, invite good masters – they will make your floor perfect and spend less time and labor than you.

Successful repair.