Dismantling as the initial repair stage.

Apartments are in a special sequence. Repair starts with dismantling. If necessary, dismantle dilapidated window blocks and doors. Then the openings are glazed and the door is installed on the input. This is important, since building materials can steal, and almost all work cannot be done in a draft. Then the materials of the partitions, floors, ceilings, pantries, etc. are dismantled. P. and poor -quality engineering communications. Dismantled bad partitions and plumbing equipment. They remove the construction room, leaving free access to the floor. Carry out the installation of electrical wires and other systems. Sewer pipes are laid to localize the connection of mixers and put plugs. Stracut begins on top, then the walls. Then make the floor. The use of one or another method depends on the version of the bought floor covering. For example, for linoleum, the floor should be perfectly even. 89175016. Jpg and ceramic tiles do not even require floor alignment. Most often the floors are aligned with special materials. Then, tiles are laid in the bath and toilet.