Dismantling during repair.

Apartments are repaired in the planned sequence. Repair is starting from dismantling. If necessary, remove unnecessary frames and doors. Then put the windows and put the door to the input. This is mandatory, since building materials must be saved, and most of the works are prohibited from doing. Next, dismantle the materials of the partitions, floor, ceiling, built -in cabinets and the like and of low -quality engineering communications. Dismantled unused partitions and plumbing equipment. Take out the construction room, making free access to the floor. Do the installation of electrical wiring and other systems. Water pipes are laid to localize the installation of plumbing and drown out. Stracut begins from the ceiling, then the walls. After repairing the floor. The use of a method depends on the type of floor covered. So, for the carpet, the floor should be completely smooth. And sexual tiles do not require any floor repair. 70CONSTRUCTION_70. Jpg often the floors are equal to special materials. After that, in the bath and the toilet, tiles are laid.