Dismantling during repair.

Houses repair is in a special sequence. Repair starts with dismantling. If necessary, remove old windows and door boxes. Then the windows glaze and the door is installed on the input. This is necessary, due to the fact that building materials should be preserved, and most of the works are prohibited from conducting a draft. Then the materials of walls, floor, ceilings, pantries, etc. are removed. D. and unnecessary engineering communications. Poor partitions and plumbing are removed. Remove construction garbage, leaving easy access to ceilings. Carry out the installation of electrical wiring and other systems. Water pipes are laid to localize the connection of plumbing products and put down plugs. Plaster is done on top, then the walls. Then make the floor. The use of a method depends on the type of floor covered. For example, for carpet coating, the floor should be perfectly even. And sexual tiles do not require at least fixes of the floor. Often floors are repaired with aligning materials. After that, tiles are laid in the bathrooms.