DIY wall hanger – detailed instruction

You can make a wall hanger with your own hands. Only two tools are needed for this: a screwdriver and roulette.

The first stage is to measure the wall in the hallway, where the product will hang.

The second stage is the design of the hanger. To do this, it is advisable to familiarize yourself with various options, see a photo of hangers. The simplest design: horizontal hook bar. At the same time, simplicity does not mean practicality: the clothes hanging on such a hanger will come into contact with the wall. The panel looks best, the height of which is slightly larger than the length of the outerwear. The panel can be divided into separate vertical strips that will be connected using horizontal strips. The edges of the strips or panels can be rounded.

After the design of the hanger is chosen, measure the length and width of the parts in millimeters and come to the cutting workshop. In this workshop, you will usually be offered to choose different colors of laminate. You order the necessary details of hangers from a laminated chipboard or MDF. If your parts are rounded, the order for cutting will cost several times more expensive. For the manufacture of such details, you will be asked to provide a drawing or template. Important: When cutting chipboard, it is imperative to order the edge of the parts around the perimeter.

In the same workshop, you can usually buy fastener fittings for hangers and hooks for clothes. Tip: Do not buy cheap hooks! They are made of fragile metal, which after a while will simply bent or break off. Fixing accessories can be anyone with which you are easy to work: self -tapping screws, confirmation or plastic corners. For attaching a hanger to the wall you need furniture ears and strong anchors.

According to the drawing, connect the details of the chipboard or MDF using the purchased fasteners. Screw hooks with screws. Screw the anchor into the wall, and attach furniture ears to the hanger from the back side. Panel Punnel in the hallway is ready!


In addition to a hanger with hooks, the version of a hanger made from a piece of a metal pipe (round with a diameter of 25mm or oval) becomes popular. On this design you can hang the shoulders. Then your clothes will not crumble. The stages of manufacturing such a hanger are similar to the previous. There are some nuances:

When compiling the product drawing and details, you need to take into account the three -dimensional location of the LDSP or MDF planks and their connection to each other.

Furniture stores sell a pipe for clothes not by segments, but with a whole piece – usually 3M long. So buy a pipe segment can be a problem.

The pipe is attached to the side details of the hanger with the help of a flange or end mount.

Of course, if you do not have time, desire or ability to make something with your own hands, you can just buy a wall hanger for clothes. Modern furniture stores provide a choice for every taste. You can purchase a hanger combined with a shoe, a mirror or a stand for bags. Be that as it may, your choice will be a great expression of your individuality and taste!

DIY wall hanger

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