Door installation tools

The time is leaving when the doors did it themselves. Now the costs of a home -made door will be higher than when buying it in a store or in the construction market. Therefore, we will touch the instruments necessary only for the installation of doors, since to install them in the state of any physically developed man, without even possessing carpentry skills.

Among the set of tools for installing interior doors there is not a single exotic, all of them are in demand in everyday life and many of us have in pantries, on mezzanines or balconies. It’s time to get them:

construction or ordinary simple pencil for marking;

hacksaw (saw) on wood to dismantle the old door block;

a nail (carpentry hammer, installation or chisel) for the same purpose;

construction meter, roulette from 3 m, level – for marking and measurements;

screwdrivers, flat and cross, or screwdriver – for installing the door leaf in the door block using loops, installation of the lock, handles;

Electric drill or punch for the installation of dowels, if the door is installed in concrete (brick) walls.

Tools for installing doors are collected, metizes are bought, let’s talk about technology.

First, we dismantle the old door block: unscrew the loops, remove the canvas, cut the side racks of the door block and tear them off the doorway with a nail. Then we will collect the new door block and fix it with nails or dowel-bves in the doorway. We pay special attention to the fact that there is no skewing door block. We mount the loops, and on them the door leaf. In the technological holes we insert the handles, the lock, fix them. We dump with a foam of the gap, mount the platbands. The door is installed! Do not forget to collect tools, make a workplace, take out a dismantled old door and construction garbage.