Drive cut

Before the construction of a wooden house, thorough preparation of the site is always carried out, the garbage is removed and the entire vegetation that is located in the construction zone and next to it. The hardest thing when this zone is large and that the living tree is even worse. Not only is it difficult to remove it enough, because for this it is not enough to “fill up” it so, in addition, you still need to cut it and remove it somewhere. Moreover, many future owners have doubts about the cutting of a tree, in other words it becomes sorry for it or them and this often leads to the fact that construction is transferred to another place of the same site.

As for specifically, a wood cut, you will need a gasoline or electric saw, although if desired, the tree can be overwhelmed with a grandfather’s way using an ax and a two -handed saw. By the way, a lot depends on what kind of tree we are talking about.

One thing is clear that before sawing first you need to tie a rope near the top of the tree in order to correctly adjust the place of its fall if it is important. After the tree is cut off, it must be cut into small parts, and then move somewhere. But this is not all, since one of the most difficult tasks is still ahead. This task is called pneum, which also needs to be removed.