Eastern -style bedroom

East is wisdom, calm, peace. It would be nice to recreate all this in the design of your bedroom. Many people believe that Arabs and Turks are sleeping on the floor or on a heap of thick carpets, but, alas, this is all a lie.

Arabs and Turks do not sleep on the floor, but have large beds with a height of 20 to 60 cm, sometimes some of them are like a big podium or a thick mattress. Eastern style bedrooms are similar to each other, since the center is a large bed, you can only add some elements to the design.

Many lovers of the East decorate their bedrooms with double mattresses, which looks not very luxurious, but we recommend that you have a mattress at the base, this will give your interior a greater luxury.

Designers advise making a small podium made of drywall under the mattress, you can integrate the cabinets for bedding in it, which saves place in small -sized apartments. Other lovers of the East remove their legs from their beds, it is good if the furniture has high backs, they can be decorated with precious or semi -carbon stone stone.

Another important part of the oriental style are pillows. There should be a large number of them, they should have the same shape, it is desirable that the pillows are decorated with beads or embroidery of silk threads.

If you decide to equip a bedroom for your elderly parents, then you need to consider that at some point in time they may need a medical nurse. Therefore, it is worth providing not only a bed and a TV, but also a chair with a table for placing medications and devices.

In Moscow, find a nurse for a lying patient simply there are sites with a detailed list of merits of each nurse. You can choose cheaper in order to do only hygiene services. But you can more expensive, with a medical education, who can do injections and droppers. And if one does not like it, the choice does not decrease.