Engineering survey

Regardless of the purpose of the facility under construction (for industrial or civil construction, it doesn’t matter), engineering surveys always precede the creation of any construction site. Engineering surveys are needed to collect detailed information, which will subsequently affect the solution of builders and state examinations about a particular project more here.

The studies that include engineering penalties include the study of the economic, technical, environmental and geological aspects of the issue. As a rule, the owner chooses the most suitable area to build the necessary structure. For example, he finds an ideal place for the construction of an enterprise in terms of business. However, any business can lead to a slope if the builders do not take into account a number of factors and, for example, the foundation of the plant will begin to “drown”, and the supporting structures will quickly be in disrepair. Just the goal of engineering and construction surveys is to prevent such errors at the building design stage, so most self-respecting companies come to engineering surveys.

The entire cycle of engineering surveys can be divided into three stages:

Data collection on the design object (of course, taking into account the requirements of the customer)

Carrying out field work

Processing the data obtained and drawing up schemes, plans and final reports to display the information necessary for the customer

Engineering surveys can be carried out both by a set of research and as a more narrowly focused method of studying. As a rule, the following services include the following services:

Engineering and Geodetic research. This includes the study of the territory and landscape, relief, conjugated structures, as well as underground and aboveground communities.

Engineering and geological studies include drilling and soil check for suitability in both field and laboratory conditions. The stability of the earth to changes in temperatures, the slope of the nearest groundwater, and t. D., – All this is subjected to thorough analysis.

Engineering and Ecological are a study of the effects of the object under construction on the environmental condition of the area. Sometimes the construction of an enterprise is impossible due to an excess of harmful effects in a particular area.

Engineering and hydrometeorological studies help to find out how well the chosen area is suitable for building based on climatic conditions and the availability of water.