External advertising signs

Currently, advertising signs have become an integral part of the external appearance of large cities. As the researchers note, back in the pre -revolutionary period in the Russian Empire there were a huge number of different signs made in order to interest passers -by, as well as representing the first samples of the just beginning to emerge advertising art.

Nowadays, external advertising signs have become an important feature of the appearance of individual quarters, as well as a significant addition to the general architecture of certain parts of the city. In addition, do not forget about the marketing component of advertising.

We will talk about the most important features that are characterized by modern advertising signs today.

Advertising on the streets and its main characteristics

Currently, permission for an advertising sign has become much easier. Due to these reasons, the production of advertising pods, posters and signs received an additional impulse. For example, volumetric letters production turned into a separate industry of production. And the results of this can be seen at almost every step.

As for the main types of advertising, in this case, light and non -voltage advertising signs can be distinguished. For simplicity of designation, let’s start with the last.

Non -fingered external advertising signs are flat facade signs, which are a kind of base, which is made of metal or plastic. The image itself is already applied to the designated surface in the future.

Some aesthetics and originality to the outer signs can be given using a non -standard form, as well as special design projects and modern technologies. Flat advertising signs remain the most affordable in cost and are considered the least energy consumption in their production. For this reason, the manufacture of advertising signs of this kind today is one of the most deployed throughout the industry.

As for the degree of efficiency of these products, in this regard, the non -fluid outdoor advertising also remains one of the most effective. All varieties of external advertising signs of non -combat type can be divided into voluminous and flat models.

Light advertising signs are distinguished by special lighting outside or inside. Thanks to this, they remain clearly visible even at night. This is the main advantage of such advertising signs. In turn, the disadvantage of this type of advertising product is a fairly high cost, as well as the need to pay for electricity and spending on replacing light sources.