External siding

The number of building materials and their types is growing exponentially. In this variety, it is easy to get confused to an ordinary buyer. What should be a truly high-quality external siding and how to make the right choice?

Properties of high -quality siding?

Testy painting panels. In order to check this indicator, you do not have to have special skills – just look at the siding from both sides. It must be painted evenly and in the same color. If the color of the facial and back parts differs, then this means that the panel has passed only the surface color and only low -grade raw materials or secondary processing were used for the production of the inner layer. This is one of the worst options, because it has low strength and resistance indicators, its color burns out faster. Buyers of such siding are people for whom quality is absolutely not important. It is worth noting that in the USA and Canada, such siding has not passed certification and is not officially used.

Similarity and uniformity. Pay attention to the end part of the siding. Its size should be the same as that of other panels (even for those that differ in color). In this case, the transverse cut should be equal throughout the length. If the thickness is not the same, then this means that in the production process, poor -quality equipment was used.

Hurricane protection is a very important component of high -quality siding. A special castle holds the panels with each other and increases their stability in relation to external influences.

Certification. At the request of the buyer, the seller is obliged to provide the documentation for the goods he has (including a security certificate). Mandatory information about the manufacturer in these papers.

It will not be superfluous to demand a written guarantee for the goods. According to the law, a plant or company-seller can write a guarantee for siding, produced in the territory of the Russian Federation. Siding, imported from other countries, the warranty can be issued by the seller or official representative of the plant in Russia (while the price for siding this type will be higher).

Among the imported and among Russian siding there are high -quality samples. Finding them now is not difficult for you. You will protect yourself from possible fakes and you can already determine whether siding is decent quality in the store. Which seller to contact, how not to make a mistake with the company and make the right choice?

One of the leading companies on the territory of the Republic of Belarus is the “primary”. There are constantly hundreds of different siding models and other high -quality building materials (including a log siding)! Make sure your own high level of the company “Primstroy”. You can not only purchase siding itself, but also order its installation.