Features of the design of buildings

Almost every professional artist, when talking with him about the conditions of the current customers, will say that at the moment, priority intentions in the design should be highlighting the personality of the house and its sophistication. Indeed, a key tool for forming the uniqueness of an apartment or house will be decorating and processing walls. But in the race for exclusive, one should not forget about other equally important properties of first -class arrangement and comfort of the home. By the way, for the creation of a unique project, there are a great many variations of the walls of the walls, but the best and most tempting, compared with other options, was and remains decorative plaster. And this is not only because of its excellent consumer features that moisture -repellent features that allow you to use decorative plaster in rooms with superfluous dampness and baths, environmental, operational properties, and its essential feature is the objective possibility of giving and recreating the unique or housing as a whole, to add which one -something special in the general concept of the house.