Feng shine bedroom

The bedroom is a very important room in the house, because in it we live a third of our life. This is a room for restoring forces after a difficult working day, traveling to the world of dreams, a place of fascinating reading for a dream coming. It is especially important that the energy in this room is favorable.

What should be considered first of all. The main thing is that your family bed does not stand “legs to the door” – this is when the bed of the bed is directly opposite the doors. Also, it is not recommended to put the bed to the heading window. If the bed is located that way, then support will not be enough for you, because there is no wall behind your head. If other options are simply impossible, then there are some recommendations

Please note that you can buy a bed that can be somewhat pushed away from the window on the site, so that air flows do not get on your pillow. Be sure to push the windows with heavy curtains at night.

It is also not recommended to have a bed in the zone “draft”, t. e. “Window door”. In this case, a very active movement of energy is formed, and you will very soon have problems with sleep. If two people sleep on this bed, then the free approach should be provided on both sides.

Do not hang a picture with the image of high mountains or mountain rivers at the head of the head, it is better to hang a picture of intimate content.

There is an opinion that the bed must be placed so that the head of the head looks in the favorable direction. Anyone, in your room, is simply obliged to reign a normal climate of relaxation and sleep. You better know how you feel. You noticed that you begin to hurt more often, or something in a relationship, then you better think about feng shui audit.