Feng Shui bedroom.

Feng Shui bedroom.

The bedroom is a place in which a person spends at least a third of his life. Therefore, it is so important to make it a quiet harbor in which you can relax well and get a charge of new forces the next day. Each of us has our own preferences in interior design and ideas about comfort, but there are several simple rules, compliance with which will not be superfluous and will help to make your sleep calmer, and health is stronger.

Wise Chinese have long noticed that everything in this world is subject to the laws of energy distribution. And if you use them correctly, then you can increase your condition, improve your health and bring the world to the family. The science of the use of energy flows is called Feng Shui. Since ancient times, these knowledge has been transmitted from father to son, and now each of us is available. What does Fen-Shui say about the arrangement of a sleep room?

According to ancient science, the bedroom should be located on the second floor of the house. If there is no second floor, then at least in its far part. The neighborhood of a bedroom with a toilet, kitchen, pantries and other rooms should be avoided, in which the negative energy of qi stagnates. The bed is the main piece of furniture in the bedroom, it should not be on the same straight line between the window and the door. The head of the bed must necessarily rest against the wall, and wear – do not look at the door. When choosing the location of the bed, you should pay attention to the fact that the person lying on it should see every incoming.

It is no secret that many acquire cheap wall mirrors in the bedroom in order to visually expand the room. However, when placing mirrors in the bedroom, you should always remember one of the main rules of Feng Shui – do not place a mirror opposite the bed. According to ancient science, if sleeping people are reflected in the mirror, then this brings discord to the family.

The bed should be chosen in a classic shape. Family people, as well as those who are looking for their soul mate, are recommended to sleep on a double bed. Even if you have no extra money, try to make this important investment in your family. In online stores, you can choose an inexpensive wooden bed and ask where to buy a cheap mattress, often such mattresses are complete with a bed. If spouses have a separate mattress or bed, this will lead to problems in relations and a possible collapse of the family. At the same time, a lonely person sleeping on a double bed demonstrates the willingness to accept a new partner into his life.

Well, in conclusion, I would like to remind the old Russian proverb: “The treasure is not necessary and the treasure, if in the family of the way”. Therefore, pay due attention to the arrangement of the bedroom and sleep on health!