Finishing with porcelain tiles.

Porcelain tiles – finishing at the highest level.

Porcelain stoneware is a relatively young finishing material, but, despite this, very popular and popular because of its unique qualities.

The price of porcelain stoneware depends on different factors, including the type and its characteristics. The choice must be done, given the purpose of the material: for facades or gender, house or street. If you need a non -valid facing porcelain stoneware, then choose a matte, if on the contrary, polished. There are other types: technical glazed, satinated … Of course, they all have their own area of ​​application, which should be found out before the acquisition of a particular material. The price also depends on the size of the tiles: as a rule, the smaller it costs.

The founder and leader in the production of porcelain tiles are considered Italy. Now it is produced by us, as well as in Portugal, China, Poland, Slovakia, Germany and many other countries. The cost of domestic porcelain tiles is much lower than on imported, but one and the other are actively used.

Why is porcelain tiles so popular? The answer is simple: reliability and strength. Due to the high density of the material, it perfectly opposes moisture and temperature extremes. Another distinguishing feature: color stability. It is due to the fact that the pigment is distributed throughout the thickness of the tile, and not only covers it from above, as in many other types of ceramics. Thus, prolonged use will not affect the color, it will not change under the influence of ultraviolet radiation and will not lose its original appearance.

Due to its extraordinary strength, porcelain stoneware is used for various types of work: decoration of walls, facades, paving paths, like flooring in places with a large accumulation of people, as well as the main finishing material for repairing the toilet and the bathroom.

Why is it believed that ceramic steps are so practical? Their manufacture is a complex and long -term technological process: firing compressed raw materials occurs at a temperature of 1300 degrees Celsius. But it is worth it: the reliability of porcelain tile provides a long line of service, and a rich selection of colors and textures, which offers a modern market, will help with the embodiment of any design ideas.

Caring for such steps will be simple, because porcelain stoneware is resistant to pollution and is easy to clean.

Modern ceramic steps have qualities, which meet any requirements and requests. They personify a combination of practicality, reliability and beauty.