Finnish house

The construction of each wooden house is characterized by accurate architectural development, diligent selection of material and technological production. A house with insulated log design, made on the basis of high -tech technologies, meant the end of the era of logs from wood. Today, buyers have the opportunity to enjoy the comfort and comfort of the ultra -modern dwelling in a wooden structure. The solid part of Finland is occupied by forests, and even most of the trees has an industrial role. Northern pine is especially appreciated of them: it is in Finland and he has wood of remarkable reliability. From a long time, Finnish residents took this wood in most of their affairs. 50 years ago, the Finns managed to automate the process of manufacturing buildings made of wood and lumber for cladding. Having combined millennial traditions with current technologies, they achieve success in the manufacture of wooden houses, thus implementing the concept of housing of the future. Frosty climatic conditions of Finland, like Siberia, lead to inhibited growth of trees and reduced wood moisture.