Floor tiles

Floor tiles. Why did many people so love? Maybe their choice? No, not random! After all, once putting it, we, as a rule, forget about the flooring for a long time, and we walk along it with pleasure every day. Thanks to the technologies for the manufacture of floor tiles, it has qualities such as wear resistance and endurance, it will serve its owners for many years, harmoniously and gracefully fit into any interior. Tiles for the floor in the kitchen, ceramic tiles for the kitchen, garage, corridor always looks beautiful. Hell tiles or floor tiles can be bought in any specialized store.

It is able to decorate any house, giving a feeling of cleanliness, warmth of comfort and comfort, and the produced, numerous variety of floor tiles will allow you to choose any drawing or imitation for various types of finishing material. The price of floor tiles is always different necessary to flip out daily in online stores of tiles of floor catalogs. There you can analyze the price difference in a couple of days if it occurs. Floor tiles for garage The price will pleasantly surprise you.

Everyone, when looking for tiles for the floor, wants to choose exactly what will fully reflect all its tastes and preferences, fitting into the overall design of the apartment and its individual sections. But the most important thing that the owners, houses or apartments who decided to carry out repairs should pay attention to is the type of premises. In accordance with it, tiles with certain specific properties are selected, satisfying the characteristics of the room. So, when choosing tiles for the kitchen, we take into account that the kitchen is a zone of frequent attendance, family members, close friends, relatives, guests are completed, there is a random spill on the floor of any liquids. Given all these conditions, we will make the choice of floor tiles, which should have such properties as high wear resistance, low porosity (low moisture absorption), resistance to chemicals and strength. The most optimal option that combines all the qualities we need is the floor tiles of the monocottour class. It can be both glossy and matte, as well as have an iconic surface (the cost of floor tiles is low). Its variety is, loved by professionals, clinker tiles having a high density. It is resistant to all caustic and coloring substances, on the floors covered with such tiles, the surface is resistant to abrasion and there is no probability of stain formation. She will retain her initially clean and fresh view for a long time. And thanks to the moisture -resistant surface of the floor tiles, such a difficult work as washing the floor is greatly simplified. Floor tiles will satisfy the needs of everyone.

For laying indoors, one of the oldest types of tiles can be used – Cotto. Such floor tiles are different. It is made of red clay, has a single firing and a porous surface, but due to limited color scheme and the need for additional processing of this tile with special water-repellent compositions and matches based on wax, they make it less popular. Glossy tiles are best used in rooms with low traffic, it looks great in light small rooms, but its wear resistance is lower than that of matte, and therefore glossy floor tiles are recommended for rooms such as a bathroom, a toilet and a kitchen, and matte – for a veranda for a veranda , hallway, corridor.

Floor tiles can be bought any thickness. It must be chosen based on the loads that the flooring will be subjected to residential premises. This indicator does not exceed twelve millimeters. Floor tiles for the kitchen are different, but you will not find the best solution when arranging the floor.

Questions are often asked:

Where to buy floor tiles?

You can buy floor tiles in an online store or in a specialized construction store. Here you will definitely find the goods to your liking. A huge assortment, catalogs of floor tiles and consultants at your service. The price of floor tiles is different. Floor tiles kitchen are always popular. There is no better floor covering for the kitchen.

Is it possible to lay tiles on an electric warm floor?

Of course yes. Sale of floor tiles is carried out in any construction store.