Floor vases: revive the interior

The vast majority of people perceive the vase as a vessel for flowers and as a suitable gift, for example, by birthday. Only a few look at the floor vase as a tool that allows you to add a unique charm to the home interior.

A little story

Since ancient times, people sought to give their home a cozy and attractive appearance to make the presence of it more pleasant and comfortable. And the vase, for many centuries has played the role of the constant attribute of the interior of the house of various cultures. The rooms were decorated with vases made of various materials, such as: porcelain, glass and ceramics. Closer to the 17-18 centuries, the presence of a porcelain vase in the house was mandatory for the owners who consider themselves to be the highest class. Ceramic and porcelain products placed in prominent places served as confirmation of the wealth and artistic taste of their owners. Nowadays, the vases have become less valuable, but did not lose their aesthetic purpose.

Since ancient times, vases had a variety of shape: spherical, oblong, rectangular. But the most common vessels, the shape of which resembles a female body. The base of the vase is associated with female hips, and the narrowest part with the waist. Perhaps that is why this kind of home utensils is always in sight and pleases the eye of households.

Floor vase in the interior

Currently, a huge number of styles and directions appeared in the design of the interiors and continues to appear, each of which carries its idea and needs certain details and decorating elements. For example, the oriental style requires the constant presence of the floor of the Chinese vase, it adds additional grace to the image of the East. Vases themselves among different peoples, as a rule, have their own individual characteristics. Most often, they depict scenes associated with abundance and well -being, as if programming, thereby the prosperity in the house. Images of various animals: elephants, dragons or lions symbolize the strength and power of the owner of the house. According to the theory of the ancient Chinese teachings of Feng Shui, some definite images on a vase are able to change life for the better. Based on this statement, you can give gifts to relatives and friends in the form of vases with the image of what they need, with mandatory assurance, that according to Feng Shui, now they will succeed!

Due to the fact that floor vases are voluminous elements, it is best to decorate them with relatively large rooms. If you have to immediately equip a large house, you can safely buy floor vases wholesale, so you will save a little. By color, the vases should be in harmony with the rest of the space, if the premises are initially subordinated to some single style, it will be useful to choose a drawing or ornament on vases in accordance with the rest of the design. The chaotic and asymmetric placement of several such decorative elements throughout the room will bring an additional highlight to the interior. Small vases up to 20 cm high are more suitable for small rooms., Their presence should not reduce the space, so they have a place on the shelves or in niches on the walls. In this case, the floor vase can also be used, but its shape and placement should be as compact as possible and not create unnecessary inconvenience.

Summing up the conversation about floor vases, I want to give you advice: when choosing a vase and a place for her in your house, do not be afraid to fantasize and apply a creative approach, originality is always in fashion!