History of the production of Finnish houses

The construction of any wooden house is characterized by an accurate architectural development, meticulous selection of material and difficult manufacturing. A house with a warm wooden structure, which was created on the basis of high -tech technologies, meant the end of the time of slabs made of wood. And today, customers can enjoy the comfort of quality housing in a wood building. A considerable part of Finland’s squares is occupied by forests, and even a significant part of the trees in it has industrial significance. Northern pine is especially valuable of them: it is grown in Finland and owns the wood of unique resistance. Since ancient times, Finnish residents have used this wood in the vast majority of their crafts. Fifty years ago, Finnish experts managed to automate the process of manufacturing buildings made of wood and materials for facing. Combining huge traditions with the current new technologies, they are successful in creating houses from wood, making such a manner the concept of the dwelling of the future. The difficult climatic conditions of Finland, like the Siberian part of Russia, lead to the inhibited growth of trees and less moisture in wood.