History of the production of Finnish houses

The construction of any wooden structure is characterized by a detailed architectural study, a meticulous choice of material and difficult construction. A house with an insulated wooden structure, made on the basis of innovative technologies, laid the end of the era of log cabins from wood. Today, buyers will allow you to enjoy the coziness of the ultra -modern dwelling in a wood house. The solid part of Finland is occupied by forests, and even a solid part of the trees has an industrial meaning. Northern pine is most valued of them: it grows in Finland and has a wood of excellent reliability. For a very long time, Finnish residents took this tree in all their crafts. Fifty years ago, Finnish experts managed to mechanize the process of production of buildings made of wood and lumber for cladding. By uniting centenary traditions with current technologies, they have achieved success in the manufacture of wood buildings, thereby realizing the concept of buildings of the future. The difficult climatic conditions of Finland, like the Siberian part of our state, lead to a slow growth of trees and reduced moisture content of wood.