Home Master: wood partition

Wood partitions can be made as panels, which after that are fixed between the ceiling and the floor, and besides with each other. They can be made moved and stationary. In the form of components, there may be pholen details, which in their textures, sizes and dressing have a resemblance to phylene doors. For the base crafts, logs 90-1 220 millimeters should be used, and 30-55 millimeters thick. Reiki of the binding and medds of the base in each corner and in T-shaped compounds are binded on spikes. Wide mediums and wide bars (lower) must be connected to ties with spikes with a comb. When choosing lumber for such shields and development, it is worth considering that they do not have through faults, knots that fall out. There should not even be healthy chopped knots in places of connections, because they will be painted when stripping joints. The cut material before cutting the spikes is required to carefully put out the firstly with a skeworm, and after that a shirt. To give the bars of straightforwardness they, in turn. Dimensions during work are recognized as a line of steel and a square.