House heating methods – which heating is better to choose?

If you own a country house, one of the important issues is its heating in the cold period. If the inhabitants of the southern latitudes set them less often, then the middle strip and the northern areas make us think about solving this problem. Let’s look at the popular options used today.

The most famous option is the heating furnace. This method has been used since ancient times our ancestors. In rural areas, due to the large supply of firewood, the furnace will become the simplest and most effective structure. However, it is not easy to find a good master who could competently fold the stove, suitable for use – this is one of the minuses of this option. Also, you always need to think about safety, fearing the fire of the room.

The option with heating fireplaces is also used. It is quite similar to the first, but has a special design. In cold climate, the fireplace is more often used as an element of decor. It is drowned with firewood or coal. A large minus can be considered the consumption of materials for its furnace. Currently, fireplaces are installed to create comfort in the house using imitation of flame using backlighting.

A water heating boiler is considered an actual and comfortable way. To install it, it is worth attracting professionals, because the boiler itself is only the heart of the system, and for its correct functioning, you need to think over a lot of elements. Boilers are divided into several types. Single -circuit only heat the room, and you also need a boiler to supply hot water in the taps. Double -circuit will unite these two operations. Several types of materials are used for furnace-electricity, gas, diesel, firewood or combine several species in bi-fuel boilers.

Also, it is worth noting the method of heating with gas or electric convectors. Gas are not so common, since the civil service at one time did not decide on the certificates necessary for them. The best option is electric. They can heat a well -insulated country house before the arrival of residents, using built -in electronics. Infrared convectors are one of the types of electric, warming the surface of objects, from which the air in the room subsequently heats up.

To save fuel, biocons that are popular in Europe, as well as thermal pumps, are used, which can be considered the complexity of installation and the absence of professionals for this work.

Each resident chooses the option based on their capabilities, but the main ultimate goal is a good heating of the room and the preservation of heat in it.

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