How do the additives of PVC profiles affect

Recently, window profiles were made of wood, now the main material used in the production of window profiles is PVC made using oil and table salt. Polyvinyl chloride window profiles are very popular due to resistance to all kinds of temperature conditions, impermeability, and a set of other important properties. Polyvinyl chloride profiles are produced in this way: polyvinyl chloride with different additives is heated to a certain temperature, a viscous substance is obtained, which should be served through a special shape, and then let it cool. The high cost of PVC profiles depends on the substances used. A very large number of organizations planning on these additives are opened to save. For example, a polyvinyl chloride profile with a low percentage of titanium oxide will begin to instantly turn yellow. The advantages of polyvinyl chloride windows are associated with the important features obtained in the manufacture. Savings of heat in the room are provided by a low level of thermal conductivity of the polyvinyl chloride window and using additional materials for blocking the cracks when installing additional materials. Properly established euro -windows will ensure coziness. Also, windows made of polyvinyl chloride do not require special care and frequent coloring.