How is the design of a living room project created?

Today, not every person decides to independently develop an apartment design. Often, people prefer to seek help from qualified specialists such as a design bureau – Yurima Architects. One seems that they do not have appropriate talent, the latter simply have no free time.

Here is just the creation of a project-this is a task that is still worthwhile to do independently. It will be extremely difficult for the most experienced professional to understand what exactly the client wants.

The main stages

Before you start developing, you need to understand what the design of the project is, its main stages and results. Here you need to think through the following points:

The general style of the room.

The functions of the living room.


All this will create a detailed plan of the room. With it, it will be possible to start repairing and finishing work. If you have any doubts regarding the correctness of the project, then real masters will be able to evaluate the work done. In some situations, the help of narrowly focused specialists may be needed. For example, electricians who can do wiring in the apartment.

The functions of the living room

The functionality of the room is the most important point to which you should pay attention. Remember that the living room must be not only stylish and attractive, but also suitable for a comfortable residence.

At the beginning of the development of the project, it is necessary to provide for the division of the room into separate functional zones. If it is combined with a bedroom or kitchen, then it is of great importance. Numerous zones (for cooking, rest, study or work) must be thought out, taking into account the number of tenants.

An important role is played by the process of establishing the exact size of the room and its characteristic features. It is recommended to arm yourself with a good roulette and measure the dimensions of the room. During work, you should pay attention to the following nuances:






The next stage will be the definition of interior style. Here you should be guided exclusively by personal preferences. In addition, in this matter, the owners get a space for a flight of imagination. An interesting and original solution is a harmonious combination of various styles. Thus, you can differently finish various functional zones.