How the floor tile is laid

The kitchen today can hardly be represented without the use of such a material as tiles. Her demand can be explained by the fact that it is very easy to take care of it, it does not absorb moisture and dirt, the appearance of this coating is at a fairly high level. Usually the walls are covered with tiles.

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But some owners also prefer to put it on the floor. In fact, for the kitchen this is not the best option, but it still has the right to exist. In order for the work to be successful, you need to take into account some rather important rules. Previously, serious preparation of both surface and material is required.

The surface of the floor on which the tile will be laid should be absolutely flat. Otherwise the material may crack due to an uneven load distribution. To get a flat surface, pour a cement screed or use special self -leveling mixtures.

Next, you can proceed to bringing the tiles. It is better to cut it in advance in accordance with the size of the room. With this option, it will be immediately clear whether it is enough to cover the entire floor. Next, you can move directly to laying with the center of the room.