How to become rich?

What does the word wealth mean? Each person has his own personal understanding of the word. Various interpretations of this concept help to identify the general signs of this phenomenon. The person who is enough financial means can consider himself rich. The key phrase should be considered precisely the sufficiency of money, and not their exorbitant amount. If your income is not fabulous, and you do not have your own oilway, then the only way to become rich should be considered work on yourself. You will be interested in selling a business. Unfortunately, the advertising business has very seriously affected our minds. The ideology of consumption makes a person live beyond means. Buy everything new, more perfect, beautiful, fashionable. There were times when people bought clothes in the market, and this was the norm. But as soon as imported boutiques began to appear, the advertising companies created in society a new image of behavior that makes us go shopping to them, and not to the market, where the price of goods is much lower. It’s not even as products, but rather prestigious. A person goes to a company store to buy a product of a well -known promoted brand, so that others, seeing the corresponding logo on his clothes, conclude about his respectability. Yes, they meet on clothes, this is a fact, and if you do not want to refuse to go to branded stores, but at the same time want to save, then get out with discount cards, a plastic bank card for calculations and find out on what days sales are held. It is this attitude to purchases that will inevitably lead you to saving funds. Saved products must be accumulated or skillfully invested. Do not spend everything without a trace. Когда у человека есть «заначка» ему намного спокойнее жить, ведь понимание того, что в случае возникновения неожиданностей, требующих расходов одалживаться, у кого либо, и брать кредит будет не нужно. In addition, personal accumulations discipline, make a person control his expenses, which in turn leads to an increase in accumulations. The accumulated money is better to invest in the case. It is not necessary to open your business, there are many other ways. Small amounts can be invested in consumer credit cooperatives, which will undoubtedly create a stable income, much larger than income from bank deposits. Every year, the price of real estate and gold is growing, so such investments will not only help maintain a money amount from hyperinflation, but also help to increase it. Most importantly, you need to decide for yourself if you want to become rich? If so, then you should start with yourself. Start keeping into account your expenses, plan the upcoming expenses. Start correctly invest the accumulated funds and sooner or later you will definitely get rich, since God loves persistent.