How to build a wall in an apartment

Often, in the process of repair and construction work, it becomes necessary to build new additional walls. This will be possible to saddle, if you take into account all the necessary rules. In particular, first you need to decide on the purpose of an additional wall that will be located in the apartment. For example, quite often they are being built in order to ensure better thermal insulation. Be that as it may, only after that you can start choosing suitable materials. The best quality in this regard is a groove slab. However, its cost is relatively high, and therefore most often foam concrete, expanded clay or ordinary brick are taken as a basis for the wall. Now the warehouse is often rented, this service is not very expensive.

True, with proper decoration, the difference between these materials will not be very noticeable, and therefore, after the direct construction of the wall, it is very important to perform and all other work. So, through a special elastic tape, soundproofing should be carried out so that Stan does not further become a constant noise resonator. It is also recommended to close its outer corners with special plaster, which will protect against various kinds of damage.