How to build walls faster.

Building walls with a glue mixture occurs faster and has greater accuracy. The adhesive mixture is used for laying walls from aerated concrete and silicate blocks. During masonry, the adhesive mass is not applied with the help of the cell, but by a special tool. Before starting construction work, it is necessary to get the allowance.

Ideal glue for blocks

The adhesive mixture is made of cement, polymer binders, filler and additives, lime, crumbs and components giving it water resistance and frost resistance. From the mixture you can make seams up to 3 mm thick. In addition to the fact that such seams do not have much influence on the bearing capacity of the entire wall, solutions of this type guarantee compression strength of at least 5 MPa.

During the construction of which walls can glue be used?

The adhesive mixture can be used in the construction of a house from aerated concrete, also called cellular concrete, or from silicate blocks. Thin seams serve only in those wall elements that are produced with high precision sizes.

How to make masonry with a glue mixture?

In the process of laying the walls, after thoroughly stirring the mixture with water, the thin -layer solution should be left for several minutes, and then mix it again and use it for no more than four hours. The adhesive mass is most often applied using a special suppressor, which allows you to get a thin layer, also for this you can use a gear spatula. To adjust the blocks laid for glue, the mason has only twenty minutes.