How to care for furniture

In order for the furniture to create cozy comfort for many years, it must be taken care of. But how to properly care for a certain type of furniture? Let’s look at.

Varnished and polished furniture simply does not tolerate wet rags. Such furniture must be wiped only with a dry rag, even if a large amount of dust has accumulated on it. Sometimes when cleaning, you can use kerosene or repable oil. In this case, it is necessary to carefully remove all traces from such cleaning products, otherwise it will not be very attractive stains on its surface.

If your furniture is covered with velor or other fabric with a pile, then to clean it, a soft cloth or sponge is perfect. Before cleaning, the sponge must be slightly wet and then wipe the furniture so that the pile is completely desuited. If you notice that your furniture has lost its original appearance, then for its cleaning it can be used to sprinkle from wet sawdust. It is enough to sprinkle the fabric with sawdust and clean it after some time.

If you have furniture made of oak tree, then you can clean it to a sparkling shine. To obtain this effect, it is necessary to make the following: st. a spoonful of sugar and a little wax should be added to a glass of beer. Mix everything, boil and cool. Next, with the help of a moistened rag in this solution, wipe the oak furniture, and then polish it with a dry cloth to shine.

But a decoction of simple bran can serve as an excellent cleaning product for furniture painted with oil paint.

Unpleasant situations often happen when scratches appear on wooden furniture. A solution of iodine will help make them almost not noticeable.

But laminated furniture requires special care, since it is very easy to ruin. Such furniture must be cleaned with special cleaning agents or you can use a solution of alcohol in a ratio of 9: 1. After cleaning with special products, such furniture must be wiped dry. Production of soft, kitchen and body furniture Lora-Mebel. – In Ulyanovsk