How to care for stretch ceilings

The guarantee given by manufacturers for these products is up to 15 years. The term, of course, is long. But if you know how to care for stretch ceilings in your house, then there is an opinion that they will last much longer. Moreover, the departure is to ensure a number of measures of completely simple.

That the canvas is not scary

The phrase “complex of measures” does not mean at all that all things need to be discarded and engaged only in the canvas. As already mentioned, measures to maintain the film in normal condition are extremely simple.

Most of the paintings easily withstand the temperature from 0 to +60 degrees Celsius. That is, in a residential heated room they do not face anything. Moreover, some models (CetTIIL CLIPSO) can be operated at minus thirty and at a plus of eighty. Conditions, to say, extreme. But if there is a desire to ennoble any unheated room, then this is possible. Similarly, it will turn out with rooms, the temperature in which is very high.

Regarding the level of humidity in the kitchen, bedroom or living room, there are no restrictions at all. The fact is that the material from which the canvas is produced:

does not condenses the fumes;

does not absorb moisture.

Therefore, the increased humidity of the threat to him does not pose.

What to do yourself

Conventional pollution of the surface of the film is removed using a piece of soft tissue, previously moistened in a warm soap solution. If you need to return the gloss of the glossy surface of the canvas, then you should use the usual dry napkin. Did not help? Then it makes sense to use a napkin again, but already moistened with a 10-tyspid solution of alcohol. But only after that you need to remove excess alcohol and wipe the problem area dry.

In addition, from sellers of goods of this category, you can purchase special polishes for caring for a ceiling film. These funds can be used to combat very “complex” spots: fat or even oil.

This is what you need to use in any case is kerosene, acetone, a variety of solvents, as well as abrasive means. Firstly, no cleaning effect from the use of these substances can not be expected. Secondly, the structure of the canvas will be broken and it will have to be changed. The possibility of replacement depends on which mounting system was used in the installation of the film. If harpoon, then you are lucky. The wedge -shaped system does not give such a chance: it is attached once and for all. Therefore, before cleaning the film of some “fashionable” polish, you need to think carefully.

It remains to add to all of the above that the canvases are also not afraid of seismic zones that did not give the shrinkage of houses and other unpleasant phenomena. By the way, I would like to note another interesting fact. Very often, people ask the following question: “Is the canvas terribly unactroly flying out of champagne?»A good, qualitatively mounted product is not terrible. But sharp objects – everything happens in life! – very much. Therefore, they should be accurate.