How to choose the right wallpaper

Wallpaper is the most ordinary wall covering, and it is they who, as a rule, we prefer them for the decoration of most rooms in the apartment.

Their practicality and ability to form comfort make them a feasible solution for any modern interior.

Nowadays there is no shortage in color options. The most popular pattern is in a small flower. If you choose light shades of such wallpaper – they will visually make the room more spacious. Wallpaper with large floral prints are also popular – they arouse the standard interior and give a touch of sophistication.

Fresh solution – stylistic mixing, say, wallpaper with a floral pattern on two walls and vertical wallpaper or plain – on the two remaining. This mixing has only the advantages – the floral print improves the mood and creates a natural atmosphere, and the ceilings visually extend the stripes of the strip.

Having picked up the wallpaper so that they are combined in tone, you can create your own interior! If, nevertheless, the floral wallpapers give up to you too simple, and you do not want to deviate from fashion trends, pay attention to exclusive collections – say, silk wallpaper produced by a narrow series with exquisite flower embroidery.

Of course, such wallpapers are not cheap, but there is an option to save: only a piece of wall is overwhelmed with an expensive exclusive, and another space is painted with a paint that goes according to color scheme.